1st & 2nd Micro-controller session

Hi all,

  • This is the presentation of the first session


  • materials of 2nd sessions

Datasheets (MikroC manual & Atmega32)


ISIS Design Files (ATmega32 trainer kit & ATmega32 connected with LCD )


Proteus 7.6 Sp4 (To open the above ISIS design files i.e. cannot open in the 7.1 )


MikroC Pro AVR


Session Playback



  1. sherif khaled said,

    Thanxxx alot 🙂

  2. kareem elshafey said,

    Not at all…..

  3. Mohamed Safi El Deen said,

    Thx for your effort 🙂

  4. Hussien ELsharkawy said,

    eh ya kareem elkalam gab natega wla eh ma kan mn el2wl

  5. ahmed morad said,

    Thanks alot

  6. amr essam said,

    deep thanks to the whole team work 🙂
    may allah bless you all…

  7. Mohamed Safi El Deen said,

    Special Thanks for my Friend M.Nageeb 🙂

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